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Professional Hypnosis Certification

Discover How You Can Successfully Change People Fast As A Professional Hypnotherapist OR Covertly During An Everyday Conversation

This foolproof system for hypnotists is staggering. It means…

  • You'll Be Able To Handle ANY Situation With Anyone!
  • You'll Always Know What To Do In Any Hypnosis Session
  • You'll End All Guesswork & Never Get "Stuck" Again
  • You'll Be Totally Sure Your Hypnosis WILL Be A Success
  • Conversational Hypnosis is a dynamic method that allows you to administer hypnotic suggestions in a normal conversation. It is an incredibly powerful technology, that can be learned in a relatively short training period. It is rapidly becoming the high leverage technique of choice for many therapists, coaches, healing professionals, massage therapists, sales people and a host of other professions.

    If you're finally ready to unleash your inner hypnotic genius and become a master influencer who can change people fast, then we have some exciting news for you.

    We will be holding a Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Certification over 4 weekends in Feb 2014
    Feb 1/2, 8/9, 15/16, 22/23

    10:00a.m.- 6:00 p.m.

    Investment )


    “This is the best Financial Investment I have made”

    “As a nurse, I know that I must learn the fundamentals to be a safe working nurse. To be a specialist I needed more education. That is how I felt about my primary Hypnosis training. I wanted to be a specialist, so Sarah and Shawn Carson provided me with that education and skill with their outstanding CHPH Training course."

    "The knowledge and skill they provide is truly outstanding. Not only do they teach, but they nurture and encourage the growth of your talents."

    "My fellow hypnotists and clients have commented on the positive change in me."

    "I thank the Carson's for their outstanding program. This was the best finincial investment I have made."


    Mercedes Herman, RN, MSN, CH
    CHPH Certified Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner


    We are opening the doors to a limited number of aspiring hypnotists and hypnotherapists, to upload as much world-class expertise into your brain as we can cram into this training.

    6 full days, JAMMED full of top-class training. And limited in numbers to ensure you have all the feedback and personal assistance you could possibly need to catapult your abilities to the very next level.

    In a nutshell, it’s designed to give you the skills and understanding to perform hypnosis naturally, elegantly and effortlessly. It’s called The Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Certification Program.

    What You'll Discover...

  • The real secret to being not just a good hypnotist, but truly exceptional, elegant and irresistible…the kind who gets wildly enthusiastic testimonials from every client

  • How to get people into trance without doing an induction at all…you'll be amazed at this simple technique

  • Learn the Hypnotic Blitz, Mind Bending Language, Dynamic Mental Imagery Induction ...and more

  • The secret pattern of influence used by salespeople, politicians, orators, and storytellers for thousands of years. You will be amazed at the power of this simple pattern

  • The exact words to say so that you set up the right conditions BEFORE you start your induction

  • How to perform both overt AND covert change work

  • The most important part of every conversational induction, that will make it undetectable every time

  • The "4 Primary Patterns Of Hypnotic Therapy" to deal with pretty much ANY situation you might come across

  • How to ensure your hypnosis work "sticks" and succeeds…every time

  • A true "cover-all-areas" process that allows you to do change work totally covertly without even knowing what your client's problem is

  • How to spot when it's right to delve into someone's past, and when to leave well alone

  • An extremely effective and conversational "stepping stone" technique for all occasions

  • The key core pattern that takes care of 80% of ALL situations your clients will come in with (and 3 more methods to quickly clear up the remaining 20%)

  • A powerful technique to alter your client's state of consciousness even when they realize what's going on

  • How to turn the induction INTO the actual change work itself, saving you tons of time, boosting your success rate, and allowing you to spend the rest of the session "installing" the change

  • The simple steps for making language patterns "second nature" to you. People will marvel at your eloquence and listen "spellbound" to your every word

  • A little-known principle to make your inductions irresistible. The secrets of the "Non-Awareness Set". This one technique approach is one of the cornerstones of the training, enabling you to control people's attention easily, and virtually guaranteeing that they'll go into trance when you desire


  •  “This Training Will Take Your Personal and Professional Career to The Next Level.”

    “Shawn and Sarah are amazing teachers and learning CHPH has changed the way I do business."

    "The training is done with a clearly identified step by step approach and the energy of the class was fantastic.This training will take your personal and professional career to the next level."

    "I was able to implement the trainings immediately and whether your are looking to learn hypnosis or NLP, theInternational Center for Positive Change and Hypnosis is the place to go.

    Joel Reyes 
    CHPH Certified Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner 




     “They help changed my life and I am sure they will help you change yours as well”

    "Being a former Marine and two time war veteran, I needed help. I tried medication and was seeing different Psychologist to help me with my PTSD and other war-related issues. After trying everything, I finally did some research on hypnosis and NLP. When I found IPCH, I spoke to Shawn and Sarah and I had an instant rapport. Their energy made me feel better and extremely comfortable feeling as if I was in good hands."

    "After having a few sessions with them, I actually decided to take their courses as well. Once I learned how exactly they helped me change, I had the tools to make the changes I needed permanent and THAT was a life changer for me. Their style of teaching guarantees you learn the material on a "personal" level because they cater to YOUR needs individually, rather than teaching in mass seminars of 100 people where you get lost in the crowd."

    "There are hundreds of other schools and I have contacted them all. Shawn and Sarah's "energy" just felt right. And because it felt right, it was exactly what I was looking for. They helped me expand my knowledge BEYOND what I expected, and they really helped me change my life."

    "I recommend to anyone, before you even THINK about going to anyone else, MAKE SURE you go see Shawn and Sarah first because in my experience with them, I can only say you will be extremely satisfied. They help changed my life and I am sure they will help you change yours as well."

    Angelo Gage 
    CHPH Certified Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner 

    How do I sign up??

    To pay by credit card use our secure and convenient Paypal account below. Otherwise contact us (details below) to arrange payment by check.

    Feb 1/2, 8/9, 15/16, 22/23 2014



    I have questions/I want to pay by check

    To arrange payment using check, or if you have questions, call or email us with your preferred course and we will reserve your place until we get your check.

    Contact us -

    917 587 9583

    100% money back guarantee up to the end of the first day of training, no questions asked.

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