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Summer Intensive NLP Coaching Practitioner: Module 1 July 26th - 30th and Module 2 Aug 2nd - 6th
$2997 (plus $1 certification fee paid separately)

Fall 2014 NLP Coaching Practitioner: Weekends Sept 27/28, Oct 11/12, 18/19, Nov 8/9, 15/16, Dec 13/14 
$2997 (plus $1 certification fee paid separately)

About Our NLP Coaching Practitioner Training

The International Center for Positive Change and Hypnosis is New York’s leading center for delivering top quality Humanistic Neuro Linguistic Psychology and NLP training and coaching. Our trainers are highly skilled and certified professionals. They are expert in NLP and HNLP as well as being, fun and genuinely caring about our students.

We are unique in teaching in both NLP and Humanistic Neuro Linquisitic Psychology (HNLP). Our NLP Practitioner course offers dual certification (NLP and HNLP).

Shawn & Sarah Carson teach Humanistic NLP in a fun, inspiring, and transformative environment. While significantly increasing my understanding of others, my own self- confidence and motivation has dramatically increased as well. Seth Wolff N.Y.

We constantly grow and develop our own skills to remain cutting edge so you get the best instruction and training.

In the ever-changing world in which we live, NLP is becoming a highly sought after skill. NLP provides a flexible approach for a rapidly changing world for individuals, groups and organizations. NLP provides tools and techniques for effortless personal and organizational change and a wide range of methods and models for understanding how people feel, think, behave and transform.

Our NLP Coaching Practitioner certification course will significantly improve your professional and personal skills. Using NLP you can reach new heights of success and excellence in your life, as well as being able to guide others to the life of their dreams.

During this NLP Coaching Practitioner Certification course you will learn:

  • The ‘software of your brain’ and how to run it for success
  • The structure of human behavior, and strategies for successful change
  • How to break bad habits and establish healthy new ones
  • To improve communication and establish instant rapport to build better relationships in your personal and business life
  • The structure of language, both verbal and non-verbal, for powerful communication
  • Cutting-edge tools to make deep and lasting changes.

Key learnings

  • NLP Presuppositions – the Core Beliefs that we hold to be useful to the model of NLP
  • NLP Communication Model – how we take in information and what we do with it
  • Rapport – learn to “click”, “see eye to eye” and “hear what you are saying” with everyone you meet on a conscious and unconscious level
  • State elicitation - create positive emotional states in yourself and others
  • Anchoring - fix states in place and release those unwanted or unhelpful ones
  • Submodalities – the “fine details” or building blocks of experience
  • Well formed Outcomes –Goal setting and achievement
  • Strategies – the series of steps and processes that lead to behavior
  • Meta Pattern – the 4 step Pattern that underlines all other NLP Change Patterns
  • Milton Model – skillful, hypnotic use of language to evoke states and elicit profound change
  • Meta model –the elegant language pattern, which leads us to understand the deep structure of an issue
  • Timeline – how we perceive our experiences and organize them in time and how to shift these using language and direction

NLP Change Patterns

  • Swish Pattern
  • 6 –Step Reframe
  • Visual Squash
  • Phobia Cure
  • Change Personal History
  • Re-imprinting
  • Circle of Excellence

And so much more!!!

"This course is taught in an extremely experiential way, ensuring that you really get to feel the changes that are occurring as they happen. These experiences are backed up with solid knowledge and superb teaching from Sarah Carson and Shawn Carson. As instructors they are both extremely knowledgeable and truly teach from the heart. In the big city of New York, where so many people are out to make a quick buck or to take advantage, these two are dedicated to sharing their deep understanding of NLP in a true and open way." Yuval Elbaz N.Y.

Who should attend?

NLP is about understanding how human beings operate, interact, communicate and behave. As this is what we all do then the short answer to the question of who should attend is: Everyone!

This NLP Practitioner course is aimed at those who are looking to learn and utilize NLP techniques, tools, and skills for their own personal development, their business life and also for those who work with others and would like to apply the skills to helping them improve and change their lives in profound ways.

So whether you are a business professional, entrepreneur, consultant, coach, trainer, therapist, social worker, health professional, sports professional, teacher, parent, student or simply a human being who is interested in supercharging their personal and professional effectiveness our NLP Practitioner course is for you!

At The International Center of Positive Change and Hypnosis we offer an NLP Practitioner Course in a variety of formats to suit the busy lives of New Yorkers!

"If I was given the power to create the best teachers of my liking, I couldn't have come up with anyone better than Sarah and Shawn. Smart, knowledgeable, creative, funny and very experienced, their classes give the best and most thorough preparation for any NLP skill seekers. Their passion for teaching extends well beyond the class structure, which in itself is loaded with lots of rich material and hands on experience. They go on to provide their already graduated students with an opportunity to continue learning and polishing their newly acquired skills on a regular basis long after graduating." Desi Edwards - Massage Therapist N.Y.

Summer Intensive NLP Coaching Practitioner:
Module 1 July 26th - 30th and Module 2 Aug 2nd - 6th 2014

$2997 plus $1 certification fee. (paid separately).

Fall 2014 NLP Coaching Practitioner:
Weekends Sept 27/28, Oct 11/12, 18/19, Nov 8/9, 15/16, Dec 13/14 

$2997 plus $1 certification fee. (paid separately).

Places are limited so call or e-mail to sign up today!
We offer flexible payment plans. Please call for details.
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