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NLP for Business Practitioner Course
Upcoming Dates
APRIL 20/21, 27/28, June 8/9, 22/23, August 3/4, 10/11 2013
Investment $2,997 
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Neuro-Linguistic Programming Business Practitioner Certification Course
If you're finally ready to transform your business or career, step into your personal power, and become a master influencer, we have some exciting news for you...But first we have some important
questions to ask you. Think carefully as you answer...…

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut, and need new tools to regain control of your career and move toward your dreams?

  • Does you business underperform its potential leading you to look for new insights into your business vision and execution?
  • Do you need to boost sales and are searching for new ways to understand and connect with your prospects, customers and clients?
  • Are you a manager looking to deliver effective projects, and build highly effective teams, while getting the best out of each individual?
  • Are you looking to maximize your personal power and effectiveness?
  • Do you want to radically improve your communication skills and create instant rapport?
If you answered YES to any of the above questions then you are ready to enroll in our upcoming NLP for Business, Practitioner Certification Course.
What you’ll discover is:
    1. The real secret of human interaction and communication…track the unconscious clues that indicate exactly what to say and do to get the outcome you desire
    2. How to trigger your own peak performance state, instantly at will
    3. How to gain instant rapport, without conscious effort
    4. A NLP 'profiling' system to discover what makes someone tick, and how to get what you want by giving them exactly what they want
    5. The secret pattern of influence used by the best salespeople, as well as politicians, orators, and storytellers for thousands of years. 
    6. You will be amazed at the power of this simple pattern
    7. How to use powerful hypnotic language patterns developed by the world's greatest hypnotist Milton H. Erickson to offer irrisistable suggestions to your customers, clients and co-workers
    8. A simple yet charismatic presentation pattern; you will learn how to give great presentations with virtually no preparation
    9. How to elicit values to discover what is really important to you and others; deliver exactly what your customers and clients want, every time
    10. Reveal the strengths and cover for the weaknesses of team members
    11. Give gentle yet motivating feedbackEliminate stress, finally enjoy your time at the office!
    12. How the mind organizes time…and how to use this to manage projects of any size
    13. A unique altered state of consciousness that allows you to step into your peak experience…at will
    14. The secret principle of communicating powerful messages to the unconscious mind during normal conversation, known only to master communicators
      In addition, attend our bonus coaching weekend (at no additional cost! - required for certification) to learn:
        • The easy four step coaching pattern which will transform any problem
        • A set of powerful classical NLP coaching patterns
        • Practice coaching your team-mates, and have them coach you through real business or personal issues
          Also: Certify as an NLP Business Practitioner by attending our Business Plan and Certification weekend:

          • Use your new found skills to create a complete career plan for yourself and/or a business plan for your business
          • Align your professional life and personal values so you are happy walking into the office on Monday morning!
          • Discover any blocks holding you back, and eliminate them for good
          • Practice your peak performance state, in real time!
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